Thursday, April 8, 2010

A turn in the other direction

This evening Heather began having contractions that are continuing to get stronger and closer together. She has been moved back to labor and delivery. They have given her 3 doses of a medication to try to stop the contractions, however, it does not seem to be helping. (The contractions are between 5-7 minutes apart).They cannot give her another dose for another 3 more hours (as of 9:30pm MT). There is a good possibility that they could be delivering soon via C-Section. Please pray for the safety of Heather as well as the baby during delivery and after. Please pray for their strength as well. They are exhausted and nervous. I promise to continue to keep the blog updated as we receive updates, so thank you for using this method for updates :) The Sanders truly appreciate all of your prayers and support!!


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