Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Heather's mom is coming to town!

Heather had another ultrasound this morning. After reviewing the ultra sound, they decided that some amniotic fluid needed to be drained. So this morning they drained some of the fluid. Heather feels so much better now, however her contractions have started again more frequent. They are about 7-10 minutes apart. She is back in labor and delivery and they are monitoring her right now. I will give another update as soon as I hear from them!

Also, Heather's mom is flying into town tomorrow!!! Avery has been having a tough time being away from home, mommy and daddy!! So hopefully with grandma here, she will do much better!! She will be able to stay at home in her own bed and see daddy when he comes home in the evenings. Her grandma will also be able to take her to the hospital more often to see mommy!! So please keep Avery in your prayers, as well as safe travel for Heather's mom!!

Thank you all!!


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  1. So glad Heather's mom is on her way. Yeah!! That will be good for everyone. Prayers are answered.
    I love you Stephen, Heather, Avery and Carson.