Saturday, July 10, 2010

Full Steam Ahead

Carson is home!! Well, the truth is that he’s been home for two weeks. If you couldn’t tell already, this has drastically altered our free time, which in turn has impacted the frequency of blog updates. But have no fear! I’m going to at least try to put out an update once or twice a month. I mean really, do you guys want to read about the daily routine of cleaning up spit up, suctioning the trach, checking the consistency of Carson’s poop? I didn’t think so.

So what’s new? Well Carson is doing great at home. He’s gained 5oz since he’s been home. He’s been able to be weaned down to 1/8th of a liter of oxygen. We’re hoping he’s off that soon. That way he may not need to be hooked to his monitor in the daytime and it’s one less thing that we need to pack around. We’re looking toward a surgery in the near future to repair his inguinal hernias. That’s right, it’s plural; he’s got two. We’ll find out the date for that this month.

It’s been three months since Carson was born and that means we get to take pictures to send to Dr. Fearon in Texas. We’re going to get the date of our first surgery scheduled so our families and friends can plan for it. One huge blessing is that my parents (Steve’s parents) have offered to drive all of us down to Texas for all of Carson’s surgeries next year. What a relief to know that Avery will be able to come with us and will be well spoiled, um, I mean well taken care of.

We do have a night nurse in our home at night for 12 hours each night. It was a little touch in go at first with our nursing company. They sent us nurses that had no experience with trachs. We were able to get everything worked out now and we have more experienced nurses in our home.

We’re doing as best as can be expected as a family. We’re pretty home bound since one of us always has to be with Carson and if we do go out, it takes a lot of prep work. We have some problems with Carson’s heart and oxygen monitor not holding a charge long enough. So we’re getting a new one and that will allow us to go out together. So far, we’re all still sane and alive, which is good.

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  1. Good to hear that Carson is doing well at home, and you will continue to be in our prayers!
    Samantha Cook & Fam