Sunday, June 13, 2010

We're Still Here

I do apologize for not posting any blogs in the last two weeks. It has been a little crazy around here with me getting sick and Jorrey taking a trip home last weekend. On the bright side, everything that I have to report is good news; so here it is!

Carson is doing very well and has been healed of the pneumonia. He is getting his last dose of antibiotics tomorrow. He is also back on breast milk and continues to have his feeding times decrease. Having a G-tube, he gets fed over a time period. It started at 3 hours and has been decreased down to 2 hours. They are trying to have him be fed just as quickly as gravity allows, meaning that he would get his food into his stomach within 10 minutes. Once he gets to this point, he will be ready to go home. They have said this could be within a week.

As for his Brady spells; the doctors haven’t expressed a lot of concern about those lately. They think that they are caused by stimulation of the vagal nerve. This is common with babies that are premature and that have a lot going on medically. Coughing, getting suctioned, or needing to be suctioned are things that seem to bother Carson the most. But, his spells haven’t lasted very long if Carson gets suctioned quickly. So it looks like we don’t have to wait one week after every time that happens for Carson to be able to go home.

We’re trying to not get too excited since things are ever changing here, but we’re excited! The last two things that need to be done for Carson to come home are taking the G-tube class, which we are doing Tuesday and doing a room-in, staying 24 hours at the hospital with Carson to prove that we can take care of him. Well, we’re ready so bring it on. Even though this will be difficult, God will carry us though.


  1. You guys are great.Can't wait for Carson to be able to come home!