Friday, May 21, 2010

No News is Good News?

This week has just flown by, but at the same time it seems like it just dragged on. There weren’t too many changes this week with Carson so I was trying to save up enough info to be able to do a post. Here’s what’s new.

Carson had his stomach scoped this week to evaluate if he could have a G-tube; a feeding tube straight through his abdomen into his stomach. The doctor said that everything looked good and that he will be able to have the tube. They also discussed doing something similar to a lap-band to Carson stomach to help control his acid reflux. There is a big risk of complications of having acid reflux and having a trach tube. It has to do with the acid reflux coming up and then going down into the lungs. So if the shrink the opening to Carson’s stomach then there will be less of a chance of that happening. So there is a good chance that the surgery will happen next week sometime. That’s good news even if it doesn’t sound like it because that is the last thing that we are waiting for to have Carson come home. So we could be close, really close.

Carson is growing. He’s up to 6.5 pounds. That’s a pound more than when he was born. So it looks like his stomach and intestines are working. And Heather tells me that they work really well because he seems to always poop when she is holding him. He is also still on the ventilator. They tried to put him back on his trach mask and that only lasted about 20 min. So keep praying that he get past the vent. Please also pray that we can get nurses to come into our home to take care of Carson at night. Utah has a short supply of in-home nurses; we’ve heard this from the hospital.

That’s it. Really.


  1. Praying that things will continue to go well. Carson is in the palm of God's hand. :)

  2. Let Heather know that when I am near her I feel the urge to move my bowels as well.